The Academy for Islam in Research and Society has expanded its existing database of experts on Islamic theological issues. Since mid-June, the database also includes experts from Europe and North America with specific know-how on training and employment of Muslim religious personnel in Europe.

How can the training and employment of imams or Muslim chaplains be better developed in Germany and its neighbouring countries? How can the cooperation between State institutions and Muslim communities be successfully shaped? The AIWG has now published an international list of experts to help journalists and interested institutions find qualified contact persons to discuss such questions.

So far, the list includes 12 experts in the fields of training and employment of Muslim religious personnel. The list allows a search by keywords and gives an overview of the areas of expertise of the respective experts. The AIWG will gradually expand the list to include further persons with academic or practical expertise.

Here you can find the experts who can be contacted:

for media contributions

for events

The experts on the list, which has already been published, include academics who have contributed to the previous international conferences of the AIWG International Programme.

Dr Raida Chbib, Executive Director of the AIWG, officially presented the list last week in Berlin at the international conference „Approaches to Cooperation between the State and Muslim Communities: Training of Muslim Religious Professionals in Europe“.