Texts, Norms, and Practices of Islam

Islamic Theological Studies in German-speaking countries examine and reflect on Islam from different research perspectives: text-based approaches to research questions on Islam require a comprehensive study of religious scriptures, editions, commentaries, and other sources. Legal, ethical, and philosophical topics deal with the genesis, derivation, and validity of norms and orientational knowledge. The lifeworlds of Muslims are the starting point in order to examine Islamic religious practice and professions in a variety of ways. These different sub-disciplinary areas complement and build on each other. In doing so, they often draw on methods, theories, and sources of knowledge from other disciplines and integrate them into their research.

The AIWG Congress 2022 will devote two days to a wide range of questions about Islam in texts, norms, and lifeworlds. In more than 20 panels, the congress comprises the range of current research endeavours of the Islamic theological studies, including inter- and transdisciplinary connections.

With the congress, the AIWG also facilitates the cross-university discussion of other topics that are of importance to Islamic Theological Studies, in particular the development of the subject, methodological and theoretical cross-sectional issues, the relationship of Islamic Theological Studies to relevant neighbouring disciplines, and comparative perspectives on other countries. The panels, workshops, and podium discussions will address specific questions about Islam in German-speaking countries as well as general topics on an international and comparative scale. Many presentations will put a special focus on the question of transfer of knowledge between research and society.

The panels are staffed with excellent researchers from different disciplines and locations. The various university locations of Islamic theological studies have created the program in a joint endeavour as members of a newly established scientific community. Among them are the staff members of the various AIWG joint projects, who will also present their project findings from the past four years.

Event date

23-24 June, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main


For a detailed programme of the AIWG Congress 2022 please click here. (Page only available in German).

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Notes on data protection

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The congress will take place in compliance with the applicable Corona regulations at the time of the event.


Conference language

The conference will be held primarily in German. Individual panels and presentations will be in English.


Notes on photos and video recordings

Please be aware that the AIWG will take photos and make video recordings during the event. If you do not wish to be photographed and/or recorded, please inform the event coordinator on site. The photos and videos will be used for public relations purposes by the AIWG.


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