Today, the AIWG publishes an International Report on the ‘Education and Training of Muslim Religious Professionals in Europe and North America’. It ties on the intensive expert discussions within the framework of two international conferences with actors mainly from state institutions, religious communities and universities.

This exploratory report identifies commonalities and differences in the approaches to the education and training of Muslim religious personnel, highlights examples of best practice models und thus, stimulates a constructive discussion reaching beyond national and institutional borders. Eleven country correspondents contributed to this publication, edited and written by Dr Niels Valdemar Vinding and Dr Raida Chbib.

Based on their reports and comparative presentation of examples from different nations, it provides general recommendations for a better and more sustainable development of education and training of Muslim religious professionals in Europe and North America:

  • In the relationship between the State and Muslim communities, dialogue councils are important. They should be established or improved where necessary, so that relevant stakeholders can discuss issues and exchange experiences and views on eye level.
  • Possibilities for a better employment situation and remuneration of Muslim religious personnel in public institutions and faith communities should be explored.
  • In order to prepare Muslim religious personnel for their diverse fields of activity, training programmes should combine theological studies on the level of higher education with additionally required specialisation.
  • Creating networks, as well as active cross-country exchange specifically for Imams or chaplains in Europe and North America.
  • Transnational cooperation of scholars i.a. in joint initiatives should be continued and intensified in the


The exploratory report and its findings are presented and discussed at an international workshop in Frankfurt in December 2020. You can download the International Report here.

This publication has been jointly funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Read more on the International Programme and past conferences here.